In the summer of 2006, Pastor Charlie and his wife, Coco Lewis, along with their family, moved to the South Shore area with the hope and desire to start a church. No one had invited them to come and no one was there to welcome them when they arrived. But God had called them — and their denomination, The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, sent them to this area to love and minister to the people of South Shore.

The Lewis’s began to meet people and invite them to join them in starting a new church in this area that is committed to loving both Christ and others deeply. It sounds crazy to move to an area where you do not know anyone in order to start a church, but God grabs hearts with His crazy love and He is building the people they have gathered into a church known as Christ Community Church.

As a church we are growing both in numbers and in depth. Our community consists of people who have been followers of Christ for some time, those new to the Christian faith, and others who are cautiously curious about Christianity. God is bringing together people who are excited about finding life in Christ and navigating through life with a dependence upon Him.